Tarnia Conti

Digital Transformation Specialist

Get ready to meet Tarnia, the ultimate business rockstar! With over 18 years of experience in global executive roles, Tarnia is experienced in international business, marketing, Asian studies, and leadership. She brings a unique combination of analytical, commercial, and creative skills to every business she works with, helping them grow and succeed.

Tarnia is a product development wizard, with expertise in commercialisation, sales, and business operations. She knows how to manage ERPs, CRMs, and design customer experiences like nobody’s business, and her policies and procedures are always top-notch. Her goal is to ensure that every customer has an industry-leading experience with her clients.

But Tarnia isn’t just about the nuts and bolts of business operations. She’s also a marketing genius, with a deep understanding of customer needs and market opportunities. She knows how to align a business’s brand, operational capacity, and marketing investments to deliver growth and success. Plus, her consultative style and practical experience across multiple departments means that she’s the perfect person to bring teams together to generate and capture new market opportunities.

Tarnia’s strategic thinking is always backed up by solid research and consultation. She knows how to turn strategic plans into real-world objectives, projects, and milestones that everyone in the business can get behind. And with her experience in the manufacturing sector, Tarnia is a change catalyst, helping businesses prioritise customer experience over product and manufacturing capabilities.

So get ready to rock with Tarnia! With her focus on customer experience and innovation, she’ll help your business build lifetime value, new verticals, and additional revenue streams.